On June 3, 2017, Ronnie David Lotz, Jr. + Lacey Catherine Smith exchanged their wedding vows at The Zahradka Farm located in Essex, Maryland.

The Zahradka Farm is a small farm owned and operated by the Zahradka family.  Lacey manages the property where they are real farmers, growing real food. Also know as “Z” Farm.  It was a beautiful sunny day at a very unique venue, with lavender fields, ponds, and farm animals.


Ronnie and his groomsmen were so laid back and fun. Those eyes!!! What a handsome Groom and groomsmen!


Lacey looked stunning in her beautiful lace wedding gown graced with county charm and her pink and brown cowboy boots. Lacey’s bridesmaids were adorable in county denim dresses adorned with lace and cowboy boots. The finishing touch was Lacey’s little cousins (Kali + Khloe) dressed in denim shirts, white tutus, and pink cowboy hats.


The wedding ceremony was held outside as Lacey arrived upon a beautiful white horse to exchange her vows with her best friend, Ronnie.


2017-06-09_00162017-06-09_00172017-06-09_00182017-06-09_00192017-06-09_00202017-06-09_00212017-06-09_00222017-06-09_00282017-06-09_00292017-06-09_00302017-06-09_00312017-06-09_00322017-06-09_00332017-06-09_00342017-06-09_00352017-06-09_00362017-06-09_00372017-06-09_00382017-06-09_0039162017-06-09_00232017-06-09_00242017-06-09_00252017-06-09_00262017-06-09_0027The reception was held in a the big white tent as guests dined and danced into the evening hours.


BTC Photography was blessed to be a part of Lacey + Ronnie’s wedding day. Once again we were able to celebrate this amazing wedding with family and friends near and dear to our hearts.

We wish Ronnie + Lacey a lifetime of joy and happiness!


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