Life is so much richer when you have such wonderful friends and clients. Ja-Nel and I have been friends ever since we met on the Light Rail to work many moons ago. Ja-Nel has been a friend and client since Kalani was just a newborn baby & Sasha was just a toddler and I was fortunate enough to photograph her sweet little girls. Sasha & Kalani bring so much joy to the world and I had so much fun photographing these little models.  I also adore Ja-Nel’s sweet Momma, Carolyn who got in a couple shots and has always been a big influence and constant in the girls lives. Here are their sweet images….2016-12-08_00212016-12-08_00022016-12-08_00032016-12-08_00042016-12-08_00052016-12-08_00062016-12-08_00072016-12-08_00082016-12-08_00092016-12-08_00102016-12-08_00112016-12-08_00122016-12-08_00132016-12-08_00142016-12-08_00162016-12-08_00172016-12-08_00182016-12-08_00192016-12-08_00202016-12-08_00222016-12-08_00232016-12-08_00262016-12-08_0025

I also did a couple cute little artistic Christmas images!



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