I get the sweet pleasure every year to photograph my adorable niece Heather and her family, Mike, Dallas & Gary Lee.  Life is always alive and fun when they come to visit.  I used to hold Heather in my arms when she was just a baby and it makes me feel so incredibly proud to watch her grow into the woman she has become.

Special love to Elvis and Zeus, their family pets that are just like babies to them, and I adore them as well!!

Here are their awesome images._DSC9165logo_DSC9223logo_DSC9223bw_DSC9165bw_DSC9142logo_DSC3830logo_DSC3845logo_DSC3844logo_DSC3830bw_DSC3813logo_DSC3774logo_DSC3788logo_DSC3783logo_DSC3774bw_DSC3769logo_DSC3732bw_DSC3732croplogo_DSC3747logo_DSC3652logo_DSC3711logo_DSC3688logo_DSC3630logo_DSC3717logo_DSC3723bw_DSC3666logo



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