My daughter Shara and I, are usually behind the lens capturing images of love. Whether it be Weddings, Engagements, Families, Pets, Newborns, Portraits, or whatever the task calls for, BTC Photography does it all.

Shara is a ER Nurse at Baltimore Washington Medical Center and raises her 4 year old son Brax, amidst all her other chores as a mother and wife.  I am extremely blessed to have Shara as just not a daughter and my best friend, but she manages to squeeze in being a second shooter for me as well. I couldn’t ask for a better Son In Law, because Ben is a hands on Dad and a wonderful provider and husband. Ben makes it possible for Shara to also utilize her talent as a photographer. Today is Ben & Shara’s Anniversary and this blog is dedicated to them!

This time of year is a busy season for us and finding the time to work on our own images comes last but not least

On this beautiful, warm, sunny, October day we were delighted with the rare opportunity to just have fun together as a family.    We traveled to Gaver Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch and let me tell you this place was a total blast with so much to do and see.  Ben, Shara and my Grandson, Brax invited me (aka as Mimi) to share some pumpkin patch fun as we all ran around like a bunch of crazy kids.  It was so refreshing to just have plain ole simple family fun.  We all took turns capturing (Ben is a talented photographer as well) our memories of such a special day of love and laughter.  Here are our images of our memories that will last us a lifetime.

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