Baltimore, Maryland {Portrait Photographer} Days Inn-Inner Harbor/Kelly Drnec, CTA

Had a wonderful portrait session with Kelly Drnec. Kelly is a natural beauty and is professional, sweet and savy.  Kelly is the Corporate Sales Manager at Days Inn Inner Harbor.  If you have any need for booking a wedding, corporate meeting or just need a block of rooms, Kelly is your lady. You can contact Kelly at Enjoy these beautiful images!

2015-02-12_0002 2015-02-12_0004 2015-02-12_0006 2015-02-12_0007 2015-02-12_0008 2015-02-12_0010 2015-02-12_0011 2015-02-12_0012 2015-02-12_0013 2015-02-12_0014 2015-02-12_0015 2015-02-12_0016 2015-02-12_0018 2015-02-12_0019 2015-02-12_0020 2015-02-12_0022 2015-02-12_0023 2015-02-12_0024


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