Catonsville, Maryland {family photographer} Becker Family

I am so blessed to have such an amazing daughter! Shara Michelle is my golden little red head that has grown into this amazing woman, mother, wife, and most importantly my friend. Shara has been my partner in life since the day she was born. Always by my side is what comes to mind when I think back. My own Mom used to get upset with me because Shara was so attached to me. That has never changed as the years have gone by. Shara has a wonderful husband, Ben, who treats her with the upmost respect and admiration of all her accomplishments. Shara is an Emergency Department Nurse at Baltimore Washington Medical Center, and has the tasks of a charge nurse, teaching Hazwoper (Disaster Training), continuing her education at Frostburg State University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and will start her Leadership Masters Degree in the Fall. Shara & Ben have blessed me with the most amazing Grandson, Brax Vernon Becker.  Brax is the sunshine of my life!!! I adore this little boy like no other and love chasing him around with the camera. He knows his Mimi is always trying to capture his funny little expressions and cries when I leave to go home.  The birth of Brax gave me that push to follow my passion in Photography and is what I live and love for everyday. All things happen for a reason and I was forced into a discontinued service retirement because my office was relocating to Norfolk, Virginia and there was no way I was leaving my sweet dear family behind. Now I have the time to spend with Shara, Ben & most importantly Brax. I get to experience him growing up in a way I couldn’t with Shara because I worked 10 hour days in my full time job and worked nights and a lot of weekends in my Art business. I am the most lucky Mom and am grateful for Shara, Ben & Brax everyday!! Here are their images…my world!!

2014-12-03_0032 2014-12-03_0033 2014-12-03_0035 2014-12-03_0036 2014-12-03_0037 2014-12-08_0001 2014-12-08_0002 2014-12-08_0003 2014-12-08_0004 2014-12-08_0005 2014-12-08_0006 2014-12-08_0007 2014-12-08_0008 2014-12-08_0009 2014-12-08_0015 2014-12-08_0016 2014-12-08_0017 2014-12-08_0018 2014-12-08_0019 2014-12-08_0020

Fortunately for me the Shara is also talented and gifted and is my second shooter at BTC Photography and I had to have some pictures with my little  man too!!! You can see she has quite the eye when it comes to photography and I am so very proud of her. I love you to the moon and back my little Shara Bear!! xoxooxoxxo

2014-12-08_0012 2014-12-08_0014 2014-12-08_0013 2014-12-08_0011 2014-12-08_0010


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