Hanover, Pennsylvania {Family Photographer} Smetzer Family

On a beautiful fall day last week I met with the Smetzer family who I love and adore.  Brin & Reid have made me a part of their life from their engagement, wedding day, birthdays, births and now their family journey! I am so blessed to have this sweet couple as a part of my life and I will always cherish them!! Baby Crew is growing so fast and Chance my little pretty in pink model is always a joy to photograph!! These are their images from their fall session, I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we had fun taking making new memories!

2014-10-20_0005 2014-10-20_0006 2014-10-20_0007 2014-10-20_0008 2014-10-20_0009 2014-10-20_0010 2014-10-20_0011 2014-10-20_0012 2014-10-20_0013 2014-10-20_0014 2014-10-20_0015 2014-10-20_0016 2014-10-20_0017 2014-10-20_0018 2014-10-20_0019 2014-10-20_0020 2014-10-20_0022 2014-10-20_0023 2014-10-20_0024 2014-10-20_0025 2014-10-20_0026 2014-10-20_0027 2014-10-20_0028 2014-10-20_0029 2014-10-20_0030 2014-10-20_0031


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