Ocean City, Maryland {Senior – Family Photographer} Ashlee Smeak & Family


I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with Brandi & Russ Smeak and their beautiful family while I was in Ocean City for Bike week. Brandi (who works at the Crab Bag) and I had this planned out for at least a month ahead of time. Brandi & Russ both commute from Georgetown, Delaware to Ocean City everyday to work. Ashlee their beautiful daughter, wanted to do a country themed shoot. Big thanks to Dale Chambers who pointed me in the right direction to scout a country scenic background off of Route 54.  A huge shout out to Bracer’s Pest Control who was kind enough to let us shoot on their property and get these amazing images of Ashlee and her family!!

2014-09-18_0008 2014-09-18_0009 2014-09-18_0010 2014-09-18_0011 2014-09-18_0012 2014-09-18_0013 2014-09-18_0014 2014-09-18_0015 2014-09-18_0016 2014-09-18_0017 2014-09-18_0018 2014-09-18_0019 2014-09-18_0020 2014-09-18_0021 2014-09-18_0022 2014-09-18_0023 2014-09-18_0024 2014-09-18_0025 2014-09-18_0026 2014-09-18_0027 2014-09-18_0028 2014-09-18_0029 2014-09-18_0030 2014-09-18_0031 2014-09-18_0032 2014-09-18_0033 2014-09-18_0034 2014-09-18_0035 2014-09-18_0036 2014-09-18_0037 2014-09-18_0038 2014-09-18_0039 2014-09-18_0040



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