Columbia / Catonsville, Maryland {Model Photographer} Miss Maryland Pageant Contestants

I am so lucky and blessed to be have been asked to sponsor not one but TWO beautiful contestants for the Ms. Maryland Pageant 2014! Sabrina Reedy of Catonsville and Cara Gerard of Arbutus are both beautiful and sweet young ladies with inspiration and dreams of becoming the new Ms. Maryland. I wish them both the best of luck and no matter what the outcome of the pageant is – they will both succeed in whatever or where ever their paths lead them in life.

Sabrina Reedy

2014-09-18_0043 2014-09-18_0044 2014-09-18_0045 2014-09-18_0046 2014-09-18_0047 2014-09-18_0048 2014-09-18_0049 2014-09-18_0050 2014-09-18_0051 2014-09-18_0052 2014-09-18_0053

Cara Gerard

2014-09-18_0054 2014-09-18_0055 2014-09-18_0056 2014-09-18_0057 2014-09-18_0058 2014-09-18_0059 2014-09-18_0060 2014-09-18_0061 2014-09-18_0062 2014-09-18_0064 2014-09-18_0065 2014-09-18_0066 2014-09-18_0067 2014-09-18_0068 2014-09-18_0069 2014-09-18_0070 2014-09-18_0071

Cara and her Mom Regina – Now you know where Cara gets her beauty from!!!



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