Hanover, Pennsylvania {Maternity Photographer} Smetzer Family


We had so much fun doing this maternity session! It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and Chance was in a great mood!! Brin & Reid are expecting their first little boy, and boy oh boy do I love the name!! Crew Jameson Smetzer! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Crew is expected to make his arrival in July but we all know how that goes. It’s up to Crew when he wants to make his grand entrance into this world. I love Brinlee because she is very particular in everything she does. Not only does she make my job easier because she love’s Pinterest and knows what she wants BUT she’s open to my creativity and ideas as well.  These are a few shots of Brin & Reid’s togetherness. I love this image as it portray’s the bond between Father & Mother.

Then we got to get some great family shots of Brin, Reid & Chance together with Crew in mind!



These shots are near & dear to my heart (because I have a daughter) but some tender images between Mommy & her “Little Me” moments.


I give Reid GRAND KUDO’S because he puts up with us both!!! We are always scheming a different shoot (and most guys hate having their picture taken just like Reid does) but he is definitely a trooper!!! I think Reid will love these pictures because they depict just how much Chance is Daddy’s Little Girl!




Once Chance warms up she’s a great little model. Of course bribing her with lollipop’s doesn’t hurt but she never disappoints me and always gives me great poses of just her being Chance!!! I love her to pieces!!!



We did several intimate shots of Brinlee, however, they are ” just that” intimate for her and her little family. Luckily, because Brin is so unique, creative and loves artful expression like me, she allowed me to post this one shot of her (which by the way is absolutely stunning) because she felt it was artistic and wanted my work to be shared. LOVE HER!!!


We also did some really cool shots of just Brin. These were all her idea, and she had her outfits perfectly selected for each image. Brin is so artsy like me, one of the many reasons I love her!



I mean come on people!! Who can even tell she’s pregnant until you see her belly!!!


I love these guys so much, they are like family to me and I am so blessed to have them in my life.


Can’t wait till “Baby Crew Jameson Smetzer” arrives because lucky me get’s to do his newborn images!!! YAY!!



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