columbia, maryland {mural artist} children’s room

2014-04-02_0029  I had the pleasure of creating a beautiful children’s retreat for a very special little girl named Riley. Torchey and her husband absolutely adore all their grandchildren and had me paint this quaint little retreat with a cherry blossom tree, birds, butterflies, daisies, and bumble bees.  It took two days to complete (15 1/2 hours). Here are some images taken by yours truly;) BTC Photography Enjoy! I surely did!! I absolutely love what I do! 2014-04-02_0026 2014-04-02_0019 2014-04-02_0028 2014-04-02_0025 2014-04-02_0033 2014-04-02_0036 2014-04-02_0016 2014-04-02_0015 2014-04-02_0009 2014-04-02_0027 2014-04-02_0008 2014-04-02_0010 2014-04-02_0013 2014-04-02_0017 2014-04-02_0034 2014-04-02_0020 2014-04-02_0035 2014-04-02_0005   Be sure to check out to see the various types of decorative painting services! For more information contact Like Our Page here!


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