las vegas, nevada {couples photographer} David and Lynn

January 2014


I had the pleasure of spending New Years Eve in Vegas with my wonderful friend Lynn and her new-found love, David.  Lynn and I have been friends since my daughter was an infant (almost 30 years ago!) Lynn is like my sister from another mother and has always been there for me. I was elated when she told me how happy she was in love with her David! I have never seen my dear friend so happy and smiling the entire time I was there.  I am so blessed to have Lynn in my life and I was so touched when her & David requested me to shoot their first photos as a couple.  They are an amazing couple and I know in my heart they will live happily ever after!

65127_695854170435417_1458034092_n 993536_695854243768743_1419130223_n 1546343_695853903768777_966736298_n 1043920_695853957102105_963665005_n 1176168_695854247102076_174150012_n 1485095_695853977102103_606128223_n 1493266_695853940435440_1411740046_n 1503868_695854187102082_1299753658_n 1505038_695854037102097_252546087_n 1508608_695854183768749_1516625258_n 1510807_695854123768755_1532015403_n 1510813_695854047102096_231111451_n 1511161_695853900435444_858429234_n 1520731_695854253768742_1605129580_n 1530527_695853930435441_1992495464_n 1551620_695854033768764_280297060_n 1551621_695854090435425_1508053886_n 1601219_695854287102072_1099573153_n 1551684_695853907102110_2118070144_n 1604380_695854323768735_679254996_n 1554618_695853980435436_1883060181_n


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