ellicott city, maryland {pet photographer} Malibu and Bebe

January 2014


With the passing snow and all its beauty it has to offer, I couldn’t pass photographing my furkids, Malibu & Bebe. We had so much fun, and Malibu LOVES the snow!!! My Bebe not so much be he tolerates it, he is definitely my prissy furchild, and Malibu is my tomboy that dives head first into the snow. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them!8595_705588369461997_182645192_n1625598_705588409461993_1763493542_n 15080_705588452795322_1792174925_n 1622730_705588486128652_1602861686_n 1186712_705588372795330_140161441_n 1621962_705588399461994_279493375_n 1483433_705588416128659_1101020475_n 1512338_705588376128663_381032811_n  1544391_705141559506678_1051488709_n 1526128_705141566173344_1596985471_n 1545552_705141536173347_301174632_n 1011107_705141582840009_1350011686_n 1560540_705141552840012_1576411387_n 58176_705141609506673_1219525605_n 1607062_705141649506669_1013066160_n 1511712_705141542840013_1195439655_n 1012400_705141546173346_1170947123_n 1239361_705141646173336_1852915939_n 1497241_705141642840003_439235836_n1555527_705141639506670_1242922628_n


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