waldorf, maryland {family photographer} Murry Family

I was lucky enough to meet my dear friend Ja-Nel traveling on the light rail back and forth to work in downtown Baltimore City each day. I always looked for her big beautiful smile that cheered me up each morning as we began our work journey together. We stayed close and chatted practically everyday for many years as Ja-Nel took on Homeland Security and climbed in her career. As time flew by she sadly left Baltimore and was promoted and moved near Washington, DC. As most friends do we lost touch as her career took off and I stopped riding the light rail soon after.  One day as I was heading to my office I see this beautiful woman with a pretty large baby bump (still looking like a million dollars) step onto the elevator and as soon as our eyes met I knew it was my long lost friend. We hugged and exchanged life stories and contact information and have been in touch ever since.

Ja-Nel has entrusted me once again with her handsome husband, Michael, her lovely mother, Carolyn, and her little Kalani (who I photographed when she was only nine days old) and the fun loving smiley face Sasha. We had such fun last weekend when they came to my studio and we all got to reconnect and play with the kids. Ja-Nel will always hold a special place in my heart and l love being able to capture the love that this sweet family shares.  Enjoy these beautiful images from their session…

2013-09-28_0001 2013-09-28_0002 2013-09-28_0003 2013-09-28_0004 2013-09-28_0005 2013-09-28_0006 2013-09-28_0007 2013-09-28_0008 2013-09-28_0009 2013-09-28_0010 2013-09-28_0012 2013-09-28_0013 2013-09-28_0014 2013-09-28_0015 2013-09-28_0016 2013-09-28_0017 2013-09-28_0018 2013-09-28_0019 2013-09-28_0020


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