odenton, maryland{engagement photographer} Matt and Melissa/e-session

I had the pleasure of photographing Matt & Melissa again this past weekend. The first engagement session we did was when it was cold and everything was brown, so we decided to do their shoot at Patapsco State Park.  Matthew James Steiner & Melissa Leigh Williams – will wed in a few short weeks on October 12, 2013. It was also important to the young couple to be photographed with their sweet Kal girl!

The Odenton couple met in their Criminal Justice Class. Matthew is the son of James & Kimberly Steiner of Crofton, MD and Melissa is the daughter of Judy Williams of Pasadena, MD. Their wedding will take place at the Epping Forest Clubhouse in Annapolis, MD.  We had so much fun and Kal girl was so good! Here are their awesome pictures.

2013-09-24_0001 2013-09-24_0002 2013-09-24_0003 2013-09-24_0004 2013-09-24_0005 2013-09-24_0006 2013-09-24_0007 2013-09-24_0008 2013-09-24_0009 2013-09-24_0010 2013-09-24_0011 2013-09-24_0012 2013-09-24_0013 2013-09-24_0014 2013-09-24_0015 2013-09-24_0016 2013-09-24_0017 2013-09-24_0018 2013-09-24_0019 2013-09-24_0020 2013-09-24_0021 2013-09-24_0022 2013-09-24_0023 2013-09-24_0024 2013-09-24_0025


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