pasadena, maryland {seniors photographer} Lauren


I love blogging about our high school seniors, and Lauren is no exception. I like to get to know my models a little bit more when we are actually engaged in the photo session itself. It’s so much fun to hear about all the activities they are involved in, the pursuit of their dreams, and the journeys they are planning to embark upon. Lauren is a sweet, quiet young woman whom any Mother would be extremely proud of and her Mom and Aunt were gleaming with glory as we shot her pictures.

Lauren is graduating with her class of 2014 from Chesapeake High School. Lauren is also an athlete who plays second base for the Chesapeake Cougars. Lauren does very well academically and looks forward to her getting her first job and working with younger children.

On the day of Lauren’s shoot we headed to the Patapsco State Park in Ellicott City, Maryland. Lauren’s outfit choice was so cute and appropriate for her young age. This high school senior looked country chic in her long lace dress and jean jacket and aced her poses with grace and great spirit as she modeled her Cougar’s uniform. With very little make-up and her beautiful smile I knew Lauren’s pictures would be simply gorgeous! These are her stunning images…..

2013-09-19_0001 2013-09-19_0002 2013-09-19_0003 2013-09-19_0004 2013-09-19_0005 2013-09-19_0006 2013-09-19_0007 2013-09-19_0008 2013-09-19_0009 2013-09-19_0010 2013-09-19_0011 2013-09-19_0012 2013-09-19_0013 2013-09-19_0014 2013-09-19_0015 2013-09-19_0016 2013-09-19_0017 2013-09-19_0018 2013-09-19_0019 2013-09-19_0020 2013-09-19_0021 2013-09-19_0022 2013-09-19_0023 2013-09-19_0024 2013-09-19_0025 2013-09-19_0026 2013-09-19_0027


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