ocean city, maryland {seniors photographer}~sydnee~


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to photograph my gorgeous niece, while I was visiting my sister and friends. Sydnee is 17 and is a beach savy beauty, and since she grew up in front of my camera, she knows how to work it!! I have been documenting Sydnee’s sweet, sincere personality, and beautiful smile since she was a baby. I have always called Syd my sweet little angel girl and she has held a spot in my heart as if she was my own.

Sydnee is originally from Catonsville, Maryland and will graduate with her class of 2014 from Stephen Decatur High School.  Sydnee was the Vice President of her Sophomore class, has been a honor student her entire school life as well as a sports honor student through high school and was selected for We XL.  Sydnee is participating in the nursing program at the Worcester Technical High School and volunteered at the Berlin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for her community service hours. Sydnee plans to go into the nursing field and is currently researching her options for college. I am extremely proud of my “Little Angel Girl” and know she will excel in what ever path she takes.

We decided to do Syd’s senior session at the beach and these are a few of my favorites!

2013-09-15_00062013-09-15_0008 2013-09-15_0009 2013-09-15_0010 2013-09-15_0011 2013-09-15_0012 2013-09-15_0013 2013-09-15_0014 2013-09-15_0015 2013-09-15_0016 2013-09-15_0017 2013-09-15_0018 2013-09-15_0019 2013-09-15_0020 2013-09-15_0021 2013-09-15_0022 2013-09-15_0023 2013-09-15_0024 2013-09-15_0025 2013-09-15_0026 2013-09-15_0027 2013-09-15_0028 2013-09-15_00292013-09-15_0031 2013-09-15_0032 2013-09-15_0033 2013-09-15_0034 2013-09-15_0035 2013-09-15_0036 2013-09-15_0037 2013-09-15_0038 2013-09-15_0039 2013-09-15_0040 2013-09-15_0041 2013-09-15_0042 2013-09-15_0043 2013-09-15_0044 2013-09-15_0045 2013-09-15_0046 2013-09-15_0047 2013-09-15_0048 2013-09-15_0049 2013-09-15_0050 2013-09-15_0051 2013-09-15_0052 2013-09-15_0053 2013-09-15_0054 2013-09-15_0055 2013-09-15_0056 2013-09-15_0057 2013-09-15_0058 2013-09-15_0059 2013-09-15_0060


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