finksburg, maryland {wedding photographer} love the dress – Brinlee and Reid

Sunday, Jun 23, 2013 – “Love the Dress”


Brin and Reid are no strangers to me as they have been clients of mine for a year now. They are really more like family then just friends/clients. I have had the wonderful experience of meeting both their families, watched their relationship grow through good and bad, watched and captured their beautiful daughter Chance grow from a little baby to a sweet little toddler, felt their pains and joys throughout the past year, and last but not least, captured the most important day of their lives back in February, their wedding day. They found me through a mutual dear friend who had suggested they hire me to do their engagement session. Brin (being an avid Pinterest fan) and Reid took a chance and contacted me to do their shoot, and the rest is history. Brin and I had already planned ahead of time to do a post wedding “Love the Dress” session after their wedding because we both knew there would be limited time on the actual day.

My husband suggested we shoot at a place nearby where he plays golf. I scouted out this perfect little spot back in April, and did a mini-shoot there and loved it. I was so excited to do this shoot with Brin and Reid and had a zillion ideas in mind.

When my daughter was married (she was married in Mexico) we had a wedding party at home for those who couldn’t attend and she had a wonderful very talented photographer/friend Darcey de los Reyes of shoot her wedding party. Darcey was such an inspiration to me with his wonderful talent and one of the pictures he shot I absolutely loved so much as it inspired me to become a photographer. Darcey even helped me select my very first Nikon that I still use today. It is called a sequence image that is layered in PS.

This is the shot Darcey took

Ben - Shara


My first attempt at something similar back in November 2012



My latest attempt – Brin and Reid were sweet enough to help me create the picture below and it turned out beautiful!


We had this scheduled the first week in May and life’s obstacles had us reschedule the shoot last week. Although there are so many awesome pictures taken, we can’t show them all as some were created especially for a certain project Brin is working on, but here are an array of my favorites.


         062313_4775fb980215_590595924294576_1523658123_o1013416_591128874241281_1437832396_n062313_4773FBy1048170_590575190963316_527273540_o062313_4767fb062313_4760FB062313_4683 copy062313_4729fb




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