annapolis, maryland {children’s photographer} daniella & georgia

June 8. 2013

These two little darlings, Daniella & Geogia were full of energy and fun at our photo session last weekend. Daniella, 3 yrs. old and Geogia, just recently turned one. They were both full of smiles and willing to play in the bubbles even with the cloudy skies above. Daniella, Georgia and their parents were such a delight! A sweet little suprise posting these on Father’s Day for Dad to see! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

Daniella-&-Georgia_4215afb Daneilla-&-Georgia-2_3933FB Daneilla-&-Georgia-2_4011logofb Daniella-&-Georgia_4184fb Daniella-&-Georgia_4215afb Daniella-&-Georgia_4381fb Daniella-&-Georgia_4389fb Daniella-&-Georgia_4410fb Daniella-&-Georgia_4417fb Daniella-&-Georgia_4423fb Georgia-&-Daniella_348logo4fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3119fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3203fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3208fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3212logofb Georgia-&-Daniella_3233fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3236fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3266lFB Georgia-&-Daniella_3267fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3295fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3308fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3318FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3340FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3360FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3380fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3385fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3392FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3472fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3501fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3509fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3539fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3554fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3575fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3607fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3680fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3695FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3715FB Georgia-&-Daniella_3731fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3834fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3845fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3847fb Georgia-&-Daniella_3862fb Georgia-&-Daniellafb


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