ellicott city, maryland {boudoir photographer} Photography Gives Self-Confidence & Beauty to Women

Being the middle child of a divorced family at the age of 9, confidence was not one of my strongest virtues growing up. Not only did I fight shyness and the in-grained lack of self-confidence, I was overweight and clumsy as well.  I never felt smart or pretty enough to live up to my siblings and my peers in my younger years were no kinder.  I was bullied, and made fun of for the majority of my young school life, and it wasn’t until High School that I found my love of Art. It took me years, even after the birth of my own daughter that I finally was able to find me.  When I figured out what talents God had blessed me with and experienced the passion for these gifts in life, it was then and only then, that I felt the need to create beautiful things. My painting helped tremendously, and gave me that self-worth that I lacked, but it wasn’t until my photography did I feel like I was giving back and helping another woman see her own beauty, so that she too could hold on to something she could look at and remind herself of just how beautiful she really is. Today my beauty shines through my work and the confidence it has given others. Knowing how hard it is to feel that inner-confidence so many of us lack, my Camera and clients have given me the ability to look past myself and help them find their beauty through my vision.

This was my first attempt at Boudoir Photography and it  has brought me to a whole new level in my journey of creativity. Not only is it a boost in self-confidence for other women, if feeds my confidence, as the photographer.  It also doesn’t hurt when you have a young, beautiful, woman to shoot as I did in this particular session. Noelle is like a tall drink of  water. Naturally blessed with olive colored skin and deep brown eyes, but you could tell she really didn’t know just how gorgeous she really is.  During the time it took to shoot Noelle I watched first hand how she graduated from a very sweet and shy young woman into a sexy, self-confident lioness she never knew she was. Brides, Boudoir and Women are my very favorite subjects to shoot.  I am always searching for that holy grail of a shot that  no other has seen. I love the feeling of the inner joy you feel from within when helping someone else see and feel their own beauty. In my eyes all women are beautiful, no matter what size, faith, height, or age. It’s all in the way the lens sees them and how you tell their story, one picture at a time.

BTC Photography – “Where Photography is Art”

To see more of my work please visit http://btcphotography.zenfolio.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/www.beyondthecork.co.nr

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