ellicott city, maryland {children’s photographer} A Grandmother’s Love – Brax – The Child of 1,000 Faces


Being a Grandmother (aka “Mimi”) I never realized the day would come where I could possibly love anything or anyone as much or even close to as much as I love my one and only daughter, Shara. Now don’t get me wrong my daughter will always be my top contender, however, when she drops off my Grandson Brax, my heart just literally melts. Brax is used to his Mimi’s camera, actually he was introduced to it on the hot summer day in August when he was born. I literally was taking his picture the moment God blessed this earth with his sweet tiny self. I felt so honored when my daughter invited me to be a part of his birth (who was not so willing in the beginning of her pregnancy). It was just my daughter, her husband Ben, and “Mimi” anxiously awaiting this baby boy’s arrival. At first there was nothing but cries of joy when his little body popped out and the labor room nurses quickly huddled around him, checking every little part of his tiny little body. There was not a sound in the room, or the usual babies’ cry. Ben and I were clueless to what was happening, things happened so fast, however, Shara (being a ER nurse) immediately cried out “Something is Wrong”! Our hearts skipped many beats that day, the camera suddenly stopped, and a sea of doctors rushed in. Not knowing what was wrong I think was the hardest part for Ben & Shara (just kids themselves) but watching them live through the utter horror that something could be seriously wrong, was the hardest part for me. For I had only know this sweet little angel for a brief second, but my daughter has been the joy of my entire life, and seeing her pain was unbearable. Luckily, the Good Lord above took over and Brax finally started to cry. It turned out he had a blood infection and a collapsed lung which caused Mother & baby to spend an extra week in the hospital, but everything turned out okay, and this sweet little boy will be 2 this August. I will never forget that day, and when I think back, it still brings tears to my eyes.

Being the healthy, mobile, rambunctious, into everything, child that he is, Brax just memorizes me all day long. I don’t know if it’s because I know how close we came to losing him or it’s just the typical smitten Grandmother’s love, but whatever it is, I cherish every little moment I am with him. I just sit there with my camera around my neck, (like I have nothing else to do), and follow this kid around waiting for the next little glance, like it’s my last breath of air!! Brax knows his Mimi loves photographing him and he leads me around by the nose, as I anticipate the next time he will shine those baby brown eyes at me, trying to catch every single catch light I can. Brax’s little mind ticks away, as he seeks another hiding place, and unconsciously contemplates the next little face he’s going to flash my way.

So I share with you today, the 1,000 faces of the little boy named Brax, who stole my heart forever.
























































































_DSC1941dark3 page


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