olney, maryland {wedding photographer} Bill + Kristin Kemp

December Loving with an attitude of gratitude! Bill Kemp & Kristin Willing of Frederick, Maryland. Married December 1, 2012. It’s official!  Bill & Kristin Kemp.  BTC Photography was so blessed to capture the special moments of Bill and Kristin’s beautiful wedding.  Their reception was held at “The Inn of Brookeville Farms” in Olney, Maryland. It was a small and intimate gathering of family and close friends. I was honored to be a part of their “Brady Bunch Union”. Bill & Kristin’s love shines through their children Katie & Chris (both gave their mother away), and Billy, James & Griffin. This was a wedding of laid back attitude and much gratitude. An event I will always remember.


 Kemp20121201_0004    Kemp20121201_0013 Kemp20121201_0001 Kemp20121201_0003 Kemp20121201_0007 Kemp20121201_0008 Kemp20121201_0009 Kemp20121201_0010 Kemp20121201_0012 Kemp20121201_0014 Kemp20121201_0015  Kemp20121201_0019 Kemp20121201_0020 Kemp20121201_0021  Kemp20121201_0024      Kemp20121201_0033  Kemp20121201_0036      Kemp20121201_0044  Kemp20121201_0046    Kemp20121201_0050  Kemp20121201_0052 Kemp20121201_0053 Kemp20121201_0054 Kemp20121201_0061   Kemp20121201_0055  Kemp20121201_0097  Kemp20121201_0057  Kemp20121201_0062   Kemp20121201_0100 Kemp20121218_0170  Kemp20121201_0096  Kemp20121201_0090     Kemp20121201_0089 Kemp20121201_0086 Kemp20121201_0083  Kemp20121201_0080 Kemp20121201_0084  Kemp20121201_0077 Kemp20121201_0078 Kemp20121201_0073 Kemp20121201_0071 Kemp20121201_0072 Kemp20121201_0070 Kemp20121201_0074 Kemp20121201_0064  Kemp20121201_0067 Kemp20121201_0065  Kemp20121201_0069   Kemp20121201_0147  Kemp20121201_0151 Kemp20121201_0145  Kemp20121201_0148 Kemp20121201_0142 Kemp20121201_0140  Kemp20121201_0137 Kemp20121201_0109 Kemp20121201_0105 Kemp20121201_0110 Kemp20121201_0111   Kemp20121201_0114


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