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Your Life – My Vision
Hi there, my name is Sandy Baker and welcome to BTC Photography. I am a self-taught artist and create many forms of art. I embraced the world of photography while shooting my artwork many moons ago. I am truly blessed and love to share my God given talent.

My interest in photography really began to grow with the birth of my grandson, Brax. I literally started photographing Brax the minute he was born and God blessed us with him. I love capturing his angelic and funny expressions. We have our little shoots every time he comes to visit with his Mimi. Brax is so used to the camera he plays cat and mouse just so I chase him everywhere he goes to get that one sweet shot of the day! Brax, my daughter Shara, and my two little yorkies, Bebe & Malibu have brought so much joy to my life that I never tire capturing those special moments and their beautiful smiles.

Baby Brax



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